About our Meal Programs

Our meal programs are all about providing you with pre-portioned, ready to eat or reheat meals and snacks that support a healthy and active lifestyle.

We recognise the often over-looked importance of nutrition in performing your best. With this in mind we have taken a unique approach to meal time by designing our meals to provide optimum nutrition to support your performance goals, even if you are just starting out.

This doesn’t mean that your enjoyment is sacrificed. Our food is made to be flavoursome and delicious whilst still delivering the nutrients you need.

We use the best quality fresh produce we can find; grass fed beef, free range lamb, sustainable seafood and locally sourced grains, fruit and veg.


We offer 3 meal programs each designed around a core goal, as well as a completely bespoke Custom program offering maximum support and personalisation.

We will tailor your meals to your preferences, weight and exercise volume to support your goals. You can also switch any time as your needs change.

This program is all about fat loss. No matter what your activity level, if you are looking to lose a few extra kilograms, BURN is the way to go.


Calorie controlled

Low carbohydrate

If you’re looking to keep healthy and well fuelled, are currently injured or going through a maintenance phase then BALANCE is just the program for you. 


Energy balanced

Effective protein, carbohydrate & fat distribution

Maximal fuelling. Recovery. Growth. With BOOST, we will tailor your meals to create an energy surplus and help you fuel in the lead up to an event, maximize recovery or assist weight gain.


High energy

Higher protein & carbohydrate levels

Our nutrition experts work with you to create a bespoke plan with performance nutrition coaching and planning for daily variations. Or if you’re already following a plan we can replicate it for you.


Daily meals to suit your training program

Highly personalised


Each of our programs is available in one of two subscription packages: Newbie or Elite.

Our Newbie subscriptions are week-to-week and are aimed at entry level clients who are looking to try out the service and see what works for them.

Our Elite subscriptions are monthly and not only provide better results but are also better value, with a whole host of exclusive extra features included. 

Purchase your subscription by 12h00 on a Wednesday and you’ll receive your first delivery the following Monday.


Personalised, portioned meals

Burn, Balance or Boost plans

Weekly orders

Flexible to fit your lifestyle

3 to 5 days per week

2 to 4 meals per day

Order as needed

Easy fuelling for your lifestyle



Personalised, portioned meals

Burn, Balance, Boost or Custom plans

Monthly subscription

Consistency for maximal results

5 to 7 days per week

2 to 4 meals per day

Pause your subscription while you’re away

Added support, nutrition coaching and monitoring


What sets us apart

Optimal protein dosing throughout the day to support health, fat loss, recovery or growth.

Carbohydrate portions are matched to the demands of your exercise.

Fat is provided as needed from quality unsaturated sources.