The Performance Kitchen is a brand born out of the passion for food and performance and the lessons and experiences of working with athletes at all levels. We are a team of performance nutritionists, athletes, cooks and explorers applying the science of nutrition on plates and bowls around the country. We aim to stay at the forefront of performance nutrition by using up to date science and athlete knowledge in the field to evolve our practice and product range.

Our Mascot

Oryx Gazella
Gemsbok. African Icon. Nutritional Inspiration.

This powerful and handsome antelope is native to Southern Africa. It is superbly adapted to its environment with unique nutritional characteristics. A low metabolic rate and reduced need for fluid allows the Gemsbok to attain most their hydration needs from moisture within the small volumes of food they eat. Gemsbok are able to minimise sweat loss by allowing their body temperature to rise above that of the environment and then dissipate that heat at night. A network of veins in a Gemsbok nose cools the blood flowing to the brain to prevent overheating. Gemsbok are also unique in their approach to teamwork with herds consisting of multiple males and females in contrast to other species’ dominant male control.