What meals can you provide?

We do a variety of main meals which are suited to lunch and/or dinner, as well as snacks. Choose one or choose them all.

How do you design your menu?

We have strict guidelines and evaluation criteria to ensure our menus are nutritionally balanced. We score our menus during the design to ensure certain profiles and thresholds for functional foods are met. Recipe design in each program focuses on protein, carbohydrate and fat thresholds with quality score assigned for each too. In this way clients receiving all meals from us are guaranteed a full spectrum of quality nutrition.

How often do you change your menus?

We change menus seasonally to match produce that is available to keep nutritional value at its highest and quality at its best. We also constantly adjust recipes based on feedback from clients. Our goal is to constantly evolve.

Can I choose my meals from a menu?

Our subscription service runs on a cyclical menu and you will receive meals from that menu based on your meal program choices and personal preferences. Each week we publish the following week’s menu and if there are any meals on your weekly meal ticket that you’d prefer to swap for something else on the menu you can send an email to to request a change. Just make sure to do so by midday on the Wednesday prior.

What quality of produce do you source?

Our ingredients are seasonal and the best quality we can find. We do not focus on organic produce due to the lack of evidence to support the benefit. Cooking oils and dressings are olive oil based.

Can you provide weekend meals too?

Our standard subscriptions offer meals Monday to Friday but we can offer weekend meals on special request.

Do I have to get meals all days of the week?

No, you can choose to have meals on 3, 4 or 5 days per week. However we do recommend 4-5 days per week as this provides consistency and the best results.

What if I am away, out for dinner or on holiday?

Just give us 3 working days’ notice and we will pause your meal delivery. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate changes at short notice. If something comes up unexpectedly, you can freeze your meals until you are ready to eat them.

Do you cater for special diets and preferences?

Yes, our subscription meal service personalises any meal to account for allergies, intolerances and ingredients of preference. Just let us know what to leave out or substitute in your menus.

Are your meals Halal or Kosher?

No we are not Halal or Kosher certified however we have removed all pork and pork containing foods from the kitchen.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

Each of our daily menu items are available as a animal protein or vegetarian option, please advise us as such in your initial feedback form. If you avoid or dislike any specific meat or fish the alternative will be a vegetarian based option too.

Can I eat my meals cold?

We recommend reheating most meals, 2-3 minutes in the microwave is suitable until heated through for food safety reasons. Some meals (salad/wraps/snacks) can be eaten cold.

Won’t the microwave destroy the nutritional value?

This is a bit of a myth and a short microwave can actually be the most useful method to reheat. Our containers are microwave safe and BPA free but if you have a ceramic or glass container to use this is ideal.

How long will my meals last in the fridge?

Each meal should last 3 days, but if life gets in the way you can pop your meal in the freezer to use at a later time.


Which program is right for me?

Each of our programs is designed to match your goal, weight and activity level. Check out Our Meal Programs page for guidance on which program is best for you.

You can also contact us on the below details or via our online chat function where we can guide you and answer any questions.


How do I sign up?

Simply browse our online shop, choose your program and customise the meal options to suit your needs. Complete your purchase along with the new client questionnaire (you’ll find the link on the product page) and we’ll take care of the rest from there.

Can I change programs?

Yes. We are here to make sure you are reaching your goals so we can adjust your program as you go. If your needs or goals change please contact us and we can help you with any adjustments.

You can also make changes to your program via your online account. Simply navigate to the Subscriptions section of your account and click on the Change Subscription button. Select the new options you want and and complete checkout to update the change.

Where can I get some advice?

Our system is run by registered dieticians and performance nutritionists ready to answer your questions. We can guide you to the right choice and suitable solutions for meals you do not receive from us. For more hands on and in depth support our Performance program may be just what you need.

What is your Custom program about?

This combines personalised and periodised nutritional coaching, planning and monitoring along with the provision of meals to match your goals. Via this program you will have your own Performance Nutritionist (PN) throughout the length or your subscription adjusting your meals, portions and ingredients to match your training and progress. You will have regular contact with your PN to work on all your nutritional needs.

How is the Custom program charged?

It starts with a flat rate of either R500 or R950 per month (depending on the option you’ve chosen) and you are billed for your meals at the end of the month. We do this because you will likely switch between various portion sizes and number of meals through a week to match the daily demands of training.

How long do I sign up for?

The minimum is 1 week but we encourage 4 weeks to start to see the benefit of better fueling.

How do I pay?

You will need to complete payment by debit or credit card via a secure online portal at checkout when you first sign up. Because our meal programs are subscription based, any subsequent payments will automatically be charged to that same card according to the frequency of the program you’ve signed up to.

Our billing takes place automatically on Wednesdays so your first payment and all subsequent payments will take place on a Wednesday. If you sign up on any other day the amount at checkout will be R0.00. Please complete the payment process anyway so that your card details are captured for future payments. Your first full payment will then be automatically deducted the Wednesday after you have signed up.

I've signed up and paid, what’s next?

You should receive confirmation of your order, if you don’t please get in touch so we can resolve any issues. As soon as you’ve signed up you will also be able to access all your subscription and order details via your ‘My account’ page.

We will then be in touch to confirm your first delivery and to provide you with your personalised planner and information pack.

When do I start?

Your subscription will go live the first Monday after your order and payment is received. Please ensure this is complete by the end of the day on the Tuesday the week before you would like to begin.

How do I renew my subscription?

Your account will automatically renew the Wednesday before your next cycle begins. Any changes or cancellations must be completed no later than midnight on the Tuesday before renewal.

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can manage your subscription for your ‘My account’ page. Simply log in to your account, navigate to My subscription and view your subscription details. There you will be able to Suspend your subscription, which will pause your billing  until you reactivate it, or permanently Cancel it.

You can also contact us directly and we will make the necessary changes.


Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver in Cape Town and Stellenbosch

Areas covered in Cape Town are: Southern Suburbs, City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard, South Peninsula, Durbanville, Belville

Deliveries in Johannesburg are currently on hold.

When do you deliver?

Meals are delivered weekly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

How do deliveries work?

Each client is assigned two sets of cooler bags when signing up for a meal program. As we alternate these bags with each delivery please ensure you return your bag and ice packs from your last delivery to the driver when he next delivers.

What do I do with my meals when I get them?

While we do provide them in cooler bags with ice packs we recommend getting them into a fridge as soon as possible. Occasionally an item for the freezer is provided with the Thursday delivery for the following Monday’s breakfast and we will notify you of this.

How much does delivery cost?


The delivery costs for the meals are included in your subscription.


Delivery for all non-subscription products is a flat fee of R40 per delivery.


Something is wrong with my meal, what do I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate this. The nature of individualising each meal means errors do occur although we work very hard to limit these. Errors on our side will be rectified if possible or the corresponding value/meal credited to your account.


Can you cater for teams, events or offices

Definitely, get in touch to find a solution for your group.