Fit Food. Delivered.

Fresh, delicious, fully prepared and nutritionally-focussed meals delivered to your home, office or training ground.

Our menus are created around your nutritional needs and personal preferences to help you achieve your goals and fuel your training or competition.

We use the best quality fresh produce we can find; grass fed beef, free range lamb, sustainable seafood and locally sourced grains, fruit and veg.


From R3365
Fat Loss
Choose from 2 to 4 meals & smalls per day
Calorie & carbohydrate controlled
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From R3365
Maintenance & Consistency
Choose from 2 to 4 meals & smalls per day
Energy balanced
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From R3365
Fuelling, Growth and Recovery
Higher protein and carbohydrate
High energy
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From R500/R950
Provide your meal plan OR
Work with us to create a bespoke plan
Daily periodisation
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*base cost. Food cost billed at month end.