BALANCE Fresh Produce Pack for 3


A combination of fresh vegetables and meat (or vegetarian proteins) to prepare at home in dishes of your own creation.

This pack contains:
– a variety of 5-6 types of vegetables, herbs & salad leaves
– 2-3 types of fruit
– 5 servings of your choice of meat or vegetarian proteins

Each serving caters for 3 people.

Order by midday (12pm) on Tuesday for delivery on Friday.

How it Works

Step 1: choose what size portion of meat or vegetarian protein each person you are catering for will receive
Step 2: choose a meat for each of the 5 servings you’ll get in your pack
Step 3: let us know if there is anything you don’t want to receive

1. Choose your portions

Protein portions are sized per individual. See below for more information and guidance on which option to choose.


2. Choose your proteins

Choose the type of meat or vegetarian protein you’d like for each of the 5 servings you’ll get in your pack

3. Produce to exclude

Let us know if there are any fruit or veggies you DON’T want to receive in your pack, or if you have any dietary restrictions