Week 19th October 2020


Monday Snack

Peanut butter and banana smoothie
– BURN: peanut butter smoothie

Monday Lunch

Beef or halloumi & mushroom skewers served with beetroot & goats cheese barley and grilled aubergines and leeks
– BURN: beetroot barley replaced with cauli mash

Monday Dinner

Spiced hake or tofu with rice noodles and Thai veg
– BURN: rice noodles replaced with zucchini noodles

Tuesday Breakfast

Almond & sesame crusted quiche

Tuesday Snack

High protein chocolate brownie served with seasonal berries

Tuesday Lunch

Satay chicken or edamame Thai salad served with roasted sweet potato cubes
– BURN: sweet potato replaced with pumpkin


Tuesday Dinner

Wednesday Breakfast

Spinach & feta protein crepes

Wednesday Snack

Banana bread with raspberry chia jam
– BURN: raspberry smoothie

Wednesday Lunch

Poke bowl with chicken or roasted spiced chickpeas & cottage cheese

Wednesday Dinner

Pulled beef and sweet potato mash or pulled mushroom and quinoa served with steamed broccoli and roasted cashews
– BURN: sweet potato replaced with cauli mash

Thursday Breakfast

LSA porridge with honey malt protein milk

Thursday Snack

Choconut protein balls
– BURN: raspberry smoothie

Thursday Lunch

Carne asada steak or black bean patty bowl


Thursday Dinner

Korean chicken or tofu served with  kimchi, carrot mash and Asian slaw
– BURN: carrot mash replaced with gem squash mash

Friday Breakfast

Shakshuka with sourdough
– BURN: no sourdough

Friday Snack

Granola bars and a biltong or roasted spiced chickpeas snack pack 

Friday Lunch

Chicken or aubergine, cottage cheese & edamame wrap served with green ranch salad and almonds
– BURN: low carb wrap

Friday Dinner

Beef or vegetarian burger served with slaw & beetroot crisps
– BURN: bunless, beetroot crisps replaced with crispy kale

Next Monday Breakfast

Cafe au lait overnight protein oats